5 Dec 2015

November favourites

Both the scarf and the cookbook I bought using an Asos birthday gift card, my birthday was in July but i'm adding it in my November favourites because I really got to use and appreciate them last month. As I'm writing this post I can hear the wind blowing outside and the few things that are helping stay warm is my whistles scarf and coconut curry from the Deliciously Ella cookbook or snacking on banana chips While watching T.V (who else has been loving Jane the virgin). Ever since I watched Cowspiracy (which another favourite and defiantly encourage everyone to watch it) I've been trying to add more vegan meals and snacks into my diet and through that found more nutritious options like the smoothie, cookbook and banana chip. Now for the Daniel Wellington watch, I've been eyeing this watch forever now and since I'm going back home for the holidays and starting an internship (wish me luck) I thought I'd be spending less money and so can afford to go buy something nice for myself. The watch is a classic design and has me head over heels, I also find myself looking more put together and on time.

all items have a link to where you can find them :)

                                Hope everyone is having a good day/night and thank you 
                                                                    M xx