15 Apr 2012

Choclate Ice-Cream

 Last night i made a fabulous chocolate ice-cream, and the best thing is you don't need an ice-cream maker. This recipe was so simple to follow and the ice-cream turned out wonderfully, the only thing is that it was more of a fudge texture but i still loved it too. The link to the recipe is here.
Although if your not in the mood for chocolate you can try this dulce de leche ice-cream which i still haven't had the chance to make since i don't have an ice-cream machine.
both if these blogs have been a great inspiration and they are filled with wonderful recipes such as a paris-brest which is a pastry filled with a wonderful praline cream. My Paris-Brest is pastry was more flat although the cream was lovely, definitely going to give it another try.

7 Apr 2012

I'm on Pinterest

        I found pinterest and all its wonderful delights just a couple of days ago and am already in love with it so if you have a Pinterest follow me <3 http://pinterest.com/craftsbaking/ and if you don't you should definitely sign up

5 Apr 2012

I heart


   So i got this idea from pintrest.com and decided to give it a try. i pre heated my oven to 175 degrees Celsius and put in my heart moulded pan filled with crushed crayons. Then 5-10 minutes later I realised it was not hot enough and put my oven to its highest setting

you'll need a knife,crayons, heart moulded pan. you can use any type of mould.


Step1: select the colour of the crayon's you would like.

Step 2: chop the crayons.

Step 3: place them into your pan.

step 4: place into the oven. 

step 5: place into the freezer until set, about half an hour.

Step 6: take out of mould.

You could put a name on the heart as a valentine gift or your best friend's name and she/he can have the one with your name on it.                                                                                                            M