31 Jan 2014

Get to know me (25 questions tag)

1. Do you have a middle name

2. what was your favorite subject at school?
probably literature, I just really enjoyed reading and writing about the characters and I had a really cool teacher.

3. what's your favorite drink
right nowArizona Iced tea, there isn't a flavor that I tried and didn't like.

4. what's your favorite song at the moment?
This is a really hard question for me to answer but i'd say hey brother by Avicii.

5. What would you name your children?
I love the name Sara so if I had a girl i'd definitely name her Sara.

6. do you participate in any sports?
football and horse riding <3

7. what's your favorite book?
I dont have a favorite but I'm really enjoying 'A million little pieces' by James Frey.

8. what's your favorite color?
baby blue is my favorite but I love any pastel colours, white and pink too.

24 Jan 2014

Secret Santa gift

I don't celebrate Christmas but me and my friends did do secret Santa. I still don't know who my secret Santa is but my amazing friend got me a couple of gifts after finding out I was hers.

I can't thank her enough because she got me some of the best gifts ever (I'm actually going to send her a couple of things because she really didn't have to do this)

18 Jan 2014

casual/simple outift & face of the day

Today i'm just spending the day with my cousin and the rest of her family. Which is why I went for minimal make-up and a simple comfortable outfit. The Zara leggings are absolutely amazing, they are high waisted so it tucks in any problem areas (yes i'm talking love handles and stomach) also they are so thick that they can be worn as pants. Makeup was simple just foundation, mascara and a Ysl rouge volupte sheer which is like wearing a tinted lip balm

My outfit
Jumper: Primark
leggings: Zara

For makeup:
benefit porefessional
Bare minerals foundation powder- matte
Korres lip butter- wild rose
YSL rouge volupte sheer in 005 'mouthwatering berry'
Maybeline falsies mascara
Blink eyebrow gel

16 Jan 2014

The lazy/busy girls guide to dressing up + DIY dry shampoo

Unless i'm in the mood to dress-up I never really put the effort of going to the salon, doing my hair, makeup, waxing etc. It's a weekday, I have 2 essays to do and a very formal dinner tonight. So to get my work done I didn't spend much time getting ready. The first thing that cut my time is that I showered the night before and braided my hair before going to bed and then let out the braids half an hour before I had to leave ( the more braids the smaller the sections = the tighter the curls), sprayed some hairspray and that was my hair done. For make-up I just did my everyday face make-up, added a bold lip colour and lined my eyes. I left time to go to the salon but I took longer than I expected so instead of wearing a dress I wore a jumper tucked into a skirt and tights. That way I had no reason to get a wax  (you could also wear a dress just add tights and a jacket).Also adding heels and jewelry will instantly make an outfit look more put together and formal.
My outfit:
skirt: Garage
Jumper: Topshop
Nude heels: Kurt Geiger
Korres lip butter - wild rose
YSL liquid eyeliner
Tom Ford lipstick - Violet fatale 
perfume: escentric molecules 01

DIY dry shampoo

If you didn't take a shower and don't know what to do here's a recipe for dry shampoo and you'll find most of these things in your home.

 you'll need:
1tsp baking/bicarbonite soda
1tsp corn starch/flour
1tsp rubbing alcohol 
1fl oz/ 29.5ml warm water

combine all the ingredients then add the mixture to a spray bottle. spray and massage into your hair. Brush out your hair and leave it natural or you can simply braid/twirl 2 small sections from the top of your head and secure it onto the back of your head with either a clip/bow/bobby pins.

15 Jan 2014

Book haul!

I got gifted a £10 Waterstones gift card, and bought myself a couple of books. I have always
been a fan of Laduree's desserts so being able to have their recipes is great (especially their macaroon and french toast recipe). I also got Lisa Faulkner's recipe book 'recipes from mother to daughter', 'street fashion photography' which is a  collection of all things street style and 'The Girl' a memoir about the Roman Polanski rape case.

I will probably review these books in the future but if there's a certain one you would like a review of, please comment down below.

                                                     M <3

14 Jan 2014

My skincare routine

I have normal to oily skin and have still not gone through the huge breakout that many teenagers have to endure, my skin does have its problems. Since my skin is at a sensitive stage i'm using very gentle products that will help keep my skin as balanced as possible, rather than using harsh face washes that will end up drying my skin or even worse cause breakouts. If like me your skin is not at a certain extreme stage and you want to keep that way then I would definitely recommend these products.  

13 Jan 2014

My hot chocolate

Its winter and nothing makes me feel better than a nice hot chocolate and here's how I do mine
 1 cup of milk
 1 tsp of cinnamon
 1 heaped table heaped tablespoon of Nutella
 2 heaped tea spoons of your favorite hot chocolate mix (mines Cadbury)
 optional: 1/2 tsp of sugar

put your heat on high and heat your milk in a saucepan
add the rest of the ingredients into the milk and stir until everything's combined and when your milk begins to boil pour into a cup topped with whipped cream, a sprinkle of the hot cocoa mix/cinnamon and enjoy!

1. leave the whip cream in the fridge as long as possible before adding it because the colder it is the less chance of it melting.
2. for a pick me up add 1 tsp of granulated coffee 
3. You can froth the milk up by using a whisk electronic/hand or a milk frother (they cost less than $5 from IKEA)

12 Jan 2014

product of the month *December*

Bio oil

Bio oil isn't just for stretch marks. I use this product on my face all year round but in December it was a life saver. I have normal to oily skin but during the winter I get dry spots so I love putting some on my face before going to sleep and I wake up with soft and re-hydrated skin. I tend to just not put it on my T-Zone since that part of my face is really oily. If you're like me then you will use face masks and face washes made for oily skin and sometimes it can be too harsh and it ends up drying spots of your face and the bio oil just helps prevent those dry spots. Bio oil is also great for minimizing scars and uneven skin tone.  If you have dry/normal skin then don't worry about getting oily skin, because when you wash your face the next morning it washes off the oil. Your face has all night to soak in the oil but in the morning you wash off any of the excess oil, leaving your face soft but not oily.                                                            

Book review - Room

I said I loved the hunger games and I do it's action packed and romantic but fictional books never fully satisfy me. I would rather read non-fiction stories. people love fictional stories because of the element of surprise and fantasy but that's what I hate about them. Real stories tug at my heart strings and as an aspiring lawyer I would rather know the stories going on in the world around me.

The book 'ROOM' is a fiction book written by Emma Donoghue but is about the story of Jack through his eyes and how he spends his life in a room. It is a wonderful book for those out there who are not afraid to open their world to one of the problems in our society. Room will make you cry but it will also make you realise (at-least it did for me) how wonderful your life is. This book also made me realise that I cant blame society for our problems because I am apart of society so all I can do is change myself which is why becoming a lawyer is so important to me. Even though this book is a fiction it made me become more aware f what problems face our world today and even though this particular story is fictitious their are some similar which are not.


January wishlist




1. Jennifer Behr Swarovski headpiece £183.75 link: net-a-porter.com/product/402870
3. Maria black D'arling gold-plated earring £100.62 link: net-a-porter.com/product/418546?redirect=7cc5ce9f2eab4664a275345bdbbd4b66        
4. Ryan Storer Oxidized silver-plated Swarovski crystal ear cuff £520.62 
link: net-a-porter.com/product/434280?redirect=292ac6786b1c40688159965e748fde11
5. Capitol Couture by Trish Summerville jumper £93.45


11 Jan 2014

product review - bare minerals foundation powder *matte*

I still haven't found the perfect foundation that has the perfect coverage, thickness, shade etc. I loved applying my channel foundation with a beauty blender, it blended into my skin seamlessly and had good coverage but because I have oily skin liquid foundations never really made me 100% happy, I always felt my face was wet but the coverage in powder foundations were never good enough. I  like just enough coverage to even my skin tone and cover any problem areas but still looks natural and the bare minerals matte foundation powder did that. Medium tan was the perfect shade for me and the ability to control how much coverage was great (for nights out I added another layer of powder for nearly full coverage but for more casual days one layer was enough). Another reason I really liked this foundation was because it was powder, it didn't make me look fake yet I wasn't oily either. 


If you have oily skin and would like a natural light foundation that you could control the coverage then I would definitely recommend this foundation. Also if you don't have oily skin there is also the original version which I believe is for all skin types. I got mine at the boots on high street kensigton in London, they have a great counter and the beautician behind the counter was very helpful and found the perfect shade for me, she later applied it onto my face and I absolutely loved it. I definitely recommend doing this because you get to test it and if you don't end up liking it you just saved yourself from buying it. The application is also very simple you just put some on the lid swirl your brush and give it a tap and then apply it on your face in circular motions, and if you want more coverage just add another layer of powder or as many until your happy. The size is great because it  isn't heavy to carry around for touch ups and when travelling.
                                                                              M <3