28 Feb 2014

Haul *Febuary*

So i'm home with alone with my brothers. My dad has to go to Dubai for a couple of days for work and my sisters and mum are spending their spring break vacation in L.A and N.Y.C while I'm at home writing essays :) but since I just got some money I went shopping! This is everything I bought in the month of February. And there's a little surprise gift from my dad <3
'Jade is the new black' is a  a pretty emerald green colour that looks great with all skin tones, i'm wearing it right not and absolutely love it. The Revlon colour stay eyeliner has a nice felt tip, if you find liquid liner hard to apply the felt tip makes it easier. The only thing I can say about the Tom Ford lipstick is that its the perfect pink nude colour, I definitely think its an amazing lipstick. The colour, packaging and formula are all absolutely gorgeous! If you know me then you know i'm a jumper and leggings person. I just think its simple and comfy, so when I so this one from H&M with an open back and sheer blouse inside I fell in love! It's much more stylish than a regular jumper but with the same comfort.

16 Feb 2014

Obsession is an understatement.

If you saw my February wishlist then you'd know I've been loving the Gucci bamboo shopper bag but after seeing this beauty I've changed my mind. This bag is in such a classic colour and the removable clutch makes it even more worth it. Its like a better version of the Prada tote and its the Mulberry Willow tote £1754. I love how spacious it is, the only disappointing this that it doesn't have a long strap,but I can get over that :)

15 Feb 2014

Easy Oreo brownie recipe

After seeing this post I was inspired to make my very own Oreo brownie. There's a cafe where I live which do something very similar but I didn't want to have a layer of Oreo's, I wanted the Oreos to be more incorporated so I made my own recipe.

12 Feb 2014

This or that beauty TAG!


1.blush or bronzer
Bronzer, I have a chubby face so I love to contour.

2. lipstick or lip gloss?
Lipstick! I have long hair and whenever I have lip gloss on my hair sticks to my lips.

3. eye liner or Mascara?
mascara. If you put mascara really close to your eyes it looks like you have eye liner on.

4. foundation or concealer?
foundation, my main problem is having un-even skin.

5.neutral or colour eye shadow?
I hardly wear eye shadow so if I do it would be neutral, I don't even own any coloured eye shadows.

6. Pressed or loose powder?
pressed, i'm so messy I get loose powder everywhere!

7.brushes or sponges?
I love my beauty blender to apply liquid foundation but for anything else brushes.

9 Feb 2014

Outfit of the day

This weekend I went out for lunch and some shopping with a couple of friends. Whenever I go shopping I make sure to wear something comfortable. My top is from H&M its a black peplum top with leather sleeves, I absolutely love it because its a bit edgier than your usual peplum top, also I can dress it down or up. For pants to contrast the black I wore a pair of dusty pink high waist pants from Garage and for shoes I went for my black Tory Burch sandals because they are comfortable and easy to walk in.

3 Feb 2014

DIY - Earring holder

what you'll need:
1. cork board, I used this an Ikea heat mat ($3 for a pack of 3)
2. glue gun (or super glue)
3. fabric (I used a dish towel)
4. scissors
5.mounting tape