4 Mar 2012

First post and one written by a teen who is stressed at the moment

        Welcome to Lilac&Love a blog which will have posts about, well I still don't know. It might be about food, fashion, do it yourself projects or maybe rants about my daily life (there might be a lot of that). I am a teenager who currently is stressed about school, I am far behind on EVERYTHING and i do mean EVERYTHING. My friends want to kill me for being so lazy and so do I and now I am stressed about it and my lazy ass won't do anything about it. I see this rant has probably made you dislike me and think of me as a whining loser who will use this blog as a diary but don't worry i have a Twitter for that and is failing miserably at school but i assure you that you will love this blog (I HOPE). Its one in the morning where i am right now and i have school tomorrow... If you are under a lot of stress like I am at the moment maybe you can't hand things in by the deadline or you seem to have to be pulling all nighters every night or you find yourself the day before every test or deadline stressed or even just before any normal day what I'm trying to say that it will be worth it and its okay to have some fun and relax but if like me you have done a lot of that this school year and find yourself scared for your exams than first breathe second get everything organised and third start studying. which i will do tomorrow since its 1am i'm tired but not sleepy and if tomorrow night I end up without any work done you can scream at me at the comments below and i'll add you to the list of people who love me and want me to succeed in life and who also want to kill me for being so lazy, I have My IGCSE's in less than 8 weekend 4 coursework's due in about 3/4 weeks , wish me luck and good luck to you too.

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