17 Mar 2012

Hunger games cake

so I attempted to make a chocolate covered in black fondant with a fiery coloured icing. The icing was used to spell out Girl on fire.
My cake didn't turn out the way i wanted it too but it also wasn't s a total failure:
First i used this chocolate cake recipe
this fondant recipe
and this butter cream icing recipe with red and yellow food colouring

and this is how my cake did turn out:

As you can see the cake is not covered in black fondant because my fondant dried out since i made it before i made the fondant before the cake and it dried out and this is how it turned out and you can see on top right corner i was practicing with the butter cream.

and this is how my apron tuned out x_x

Hope you guys try to do a hunger games inspired cake/food and if you don't forget to share.

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