5 Mar 2012

This Weekend 8/3/12

So this weekend there's an over 21 concert on Thursday sneak-in or not? There's this concert on Thursday I am hoping to go but I heard its an over 21 only concert and so as a teen will not be able allowed in :( So instead of sneaking in which I was told wouldn't be a problem I am hoping to have a DIY (do it yourself project) a fun string chandelier I will be using this website as a guideline http://www.wednesdaycustomdesign.com/blog/2010/11/7/messiest-merriest-and-whirliest-diy-balls.html 
I hope you guys wish to do this it looks like so much fun, I am trying to get my best friend to do it with me but I still didn't ask her
The messier the more fun right :D

 (image from Etsy)

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