17 Jun 2012

Crepe dentelles

Crepe dentelles, 
                         For the past month I have been in love with making crepe dentelles, I usually make a batch of 20 but only 5 work out every time, I made some for my cousins and they loved it, its crispy sugary and the whip cream filling makes it even better. What I also like about these is that they only take 5 mins in the oven so its okay if I mess them up because 5 mins later I would have some more ready. I used this recipe from youtube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xo3QeZrkG98 I used my large ikea brush as the cylinder  and found that it worked great, you can also use a knife if you want thin crepes but i like the whip cream filling which you can't fill the crepes with if the crepe is thin so I always roll it. 

This is how it looks like if you roll it with a knife, I just got this picture from searching crepe dentelles up on google images, I used to eat boxed crepe dentelles like this all the time as a kid so i'm glad I can now make them at home.

I hope you try this recipe out it does take a few try's to get the rolling of the crepe right but once you get the hang of it you will never stop making them.

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