27 Jun 2012

Summer party

This summer is one of those summer's that i'm expecting to be awful. a few of my closest friend are away and i'm not going to the city I usually go to. Me and my friend spent over 3 hours skyping each other, and during that time we tried to figure out places and things to do. We decided that we'd go to parties, the beach, malls and just hang out. Only problem we can't go to the beach, we weren't invited to any parties and we wouldn't be able to see each other everyday, the malls are awful and so with nowhere to go and nothing to do we decided to have our on party, so next week were throwing a pool party at my house, and while we were making the list of people who we were going to invite we realised we had nobody, most of our friends had gone somewhere during there summer and so our list of people is maximum amount was 13 including ourselves, people leaving and even people who we hardly knew. We called it a party anyway's but not dressy and now i'm just hoping for it to be fun. everyone we knew staying the summer in our home town is sulking about how boring this summer is going to be and we weren't going to let that happen, it was the only summer that I stayed in my home town, and the only one that I would be with my classmates even if it was just 13 of us, and we lived in the least eventful city in the world. What i'm saying is don't wait for someone else to make this summer eventful and fun, do it yourself. 

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