16 Jun 2012

               So it's been way too long since i published a post but I'm finally done with school and i started my summer no more IG's <3. Although i'm thinking of taking an extra AS in the summer so maybe this summer won't be as fun, but thats okay since i'm not going anywhere this summer and will have a lot of time to spare. So before my summer i had 2 weeks off before my last exam which was a biology multiple choice, that i already studied for since i studied for the biology practical exam and so for those 2 weeks i went on a little pre-summer holiday with my family. We went to Sharm-EL-Sheikh in Egypt, I went diving,swimming,parasailing and failed at water skiing and heres a few pictures. I also saw a guitar shark while diving at sharks bay, which is known not to have sharks since the boats and tourists scared them away so when we saw the shark it was an amazing experience especially since we didn't think we would see a shark.  Enjoy the pictures <3

Pictures of the view form the boat.

Ship wreck

Fish i saw under water

Parasailing pictures,

Parasailing actually wasn't scary at all but really fun although i kept looking down to see if a shark was going to jump out of the water, even though there aren't sharks in the area.

The moon through a telescope <3 

Thanks for viewing my blog, I really appreciate it <3,

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