28 Feb 2014

Haul *Febuary*

So i'm home with alone with my brothers. My dad has to go to Dubai for a couple of days for work and my sisters and mum are spending their spring break vacation in L.A and N.Y.C while I'm at home writing essays :) but since I just got some money I went shopping! This is everything I bought in the month of February. And there's a little surprise gift from my dad <3
'Jade is the new black' is a  a pretty emerald green colour that looks great with all skin tones, i'm wearing it right not and absolutely love it. The Revlon colour stay eyeliner has a nice felt tip, if you find liquid liner hard to apply the felt tip makes it easier. The only thing I can say about the Tom Ford lipstick is that its the perfect pink nude colour, I definitely think its an amazing lipstick. The colour, packaging and formula are all absolutely gorgeous! If you know me then you know i'm a jumper and leggings person. I just think its simple and comfy, so when I so this one from H&M with an open back and sheer blouse inside I fell in love! It's much more stylish than a regular jumper but with the same comfort.

OPI nail polish- Jade is the new black
Tom Ford lipstick in Indian rose
Revlon colourstay eyeliner


tan belt with gold hardware - H&M
black belt with silver buckle - H&M
stack of gold and silver rings- H&M
gold necklace - H&M
gold bracelet linked to 3 rings - H&M

So if you've seen my recent post you'd know that I've been lusting over this bag! I've been looking for the perfect bag since summer and when I saw this I instantly called my dad who was in London at the time to ask if there is any way he could get  it
for me (we don't have a mulberry store where I live and even if we did I definitely don't have the money for it). The truth is i'm a daddy's girl but i'm also leaving to London  for 4 years (wish me luck in uni) and so a nice neutral sturdy bag that will suit any outfit and hold a laptop is the perfect going away present.I honestly did not expect him to get it for me at all, thanks dad, I love you! <3  


  1. that nail varnish is so cool! will be perfect for st paddys day!! :)

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  3. The Tom Ford lipstick sounds perfect! You're so lucky to have received that bag x


    1. I know i'm very thankful for it! xx if you ever find yourself at a Tom Fordcounter try Casablanca too

  4. That nail colour is AMAZING! I will have to buy one!

    If you have a moment it would be lovely if you checked out my new post CARNIVAL on my blog Electric Soiree

    1. Thank-you!! and I definitely will, thanks for taking the time to comment xx

  5. That Mulberry bag is gorgeous! My gun-to-the-head fav is the Alexa, but any Mulberry bag is amazing! Dont worry about coming to England, take yourself off to Bicester Village and visit the Mulberry Outlet - you'll be hooked!

    Lovely post :)
    H, xo

    1. thank you!!xx My mother is a bicester village lover so you'll definitely find me there and hopefully I get student discount too :) The Alexa is the only other Mulberry bag I own and I cherish it so much, I see we have same taste in bags ;)

      thank-you for the lovely comment!! xx <3

  6. Great post! I'm especially jealous of that lipstick - I'm needing a more natural lipstick atm and from what I can tell from the picture, it looks like a great shade.

    Eleanor -

    1. thank you.. its one of my favourite lipsticks would defiantly recommend xx