3 Feb 2014

DIY - Earring holder

what you'll need:
1. cork board, I used this an Ikea heat mat ($3 for a pack of 3)
2. glue gun (or super glue)
3. fabric (I used a dish towel)
4. scissors
5.mounting tape

Step 1:  with your fabric facing down place the cork-board on the centre.

 Step 2: cut the fabric so that you only have 2 cm around the cork-board

Tip: cut the fabric into a square first then follow the shape of the cork-board making sure you have enough fabric to go to the back (2cm) -it doesn't have to be perfect, its on the back nobody will see it

Step 3: line the edge of the back of the cork-board with glue and then fold the fabric to the back onto the hot glue.
Tip: do one section at a time 

step 4 (optional): place some mounting tape on the back and stick it onto your mirror, wall etc.