24 Jan 2014

Secret Santa gift

I don't celebrate Christmas but me and my friends did do secret Santa. I still don't know who my secret Santa is but my amazing friend got me a couple of gifts after finding out I was hers.

I can't thank her enough because she got me some of the best gifts ever (I'm actually going to send her a couple of things because she really didn't have to do this)

Wildfox jumpers are one of the most comfortable things I have ever worn. I only have a couple and I seriously live in them! So getting this jumper/shirt was just amazing!

This might just be the most amazing scent in the world and its the Laura Mercier body and bath gift set in vanilla. the vanilla amber candle is a lovely sweet yet musky scent that will have you wishing that it could burn forever. 

A girl can never have enough perfume.The Chanel chance perfume (eau tendre) is also one of my favorites, they are just really nice and fresh. I've never tried the Dior pure poison but I instantly fell in love, jasmine is one of my favorite scents. pure poison does floral in a sexy way (this perfume also lasts ages).

Nails inc message in a manicure has some amazing colors. This collection is nudes and glitters have to be one of my favorite nail polish colors. I've spent no time trying it on and the sticker letters are adorable!


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