12 Jan 2014

Book review - Room

I said I loved the hunger games and I do it's action packed and romantic but fictional books never fully satisfy me. I would rather read non-fiction stories. people love fictional stories because of the element of surprise and fantasy but that's what I hate about them. Real stories tug at my heart strings and as an aspiring lawyer I would rather know the stories going on in the world around me.

The book 'ROOM' is a fiction book written by Emma Donoghue but is about the story of Jack through his eyes and how he spends his life in a room. It is a wonderful book for those out there who are not afraid to open their world to one of the problems in our society. Room will make you cry but it will also make you realise (at-least it did for me) how wonderful your life is. This book also made me realise that I cant blame society for our problems because I am apart of society so all I can do is change myself which is why becoming a lawyer is so important to me. Even though this book is a fiction it made me become more aware f what problems face our world today and even though this particular story is fictitious their are some similar which are not.


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