12 Jan 2014

product of the month *December*

Bio oil

Bio oil isn't just for stretch marks. I use this product on my face all year round but in December it was a life saver. I have normal to oily skin but during the winter I get dry spots so I love putting some on my face before going to sleep and I wake up with soft and re-hydrated skin. I tend to just not put it on my T-Zone since that part of my face is really oily. If you're like me then you will use face masks and face washes made for oily skin and sometimes it can be too harsh and it ends up drying spots of your face and the bio oil just helps prevent those dry spots. Bio oil is also great for minimizing scars and uneven skin tone.  If you have dry/normal skin then don't worry about getting oily skin, because when you wash your face the next morning it washes off the oil. Your face has all night to soak in the oil but in the morning you wash off any of the excess oil, leaving your face soft but not oily.                                                            

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