11 Jan 2014

product review - bare minerals foundation powder *matte*

I still haven't found the perfect foundation that has the perfect coverage, thickness, shade etc. I loved applying my channel foundation with a beauty blender, it blended into my skin seamlessly and had good coverage but because I have oily skin liquid foundations never really made me 100% happy, I always felt my face was wet but the coverage in powder foundations were never good enough. I  like just enough coverage to even my skin tone and cover any problem areas but still looks natural and the bare minerals matte foundation powder did that. Medium tan was the perfect shade for me and the ability to control how much coverage was great (for nights out I added another layer of powder for nearly full coverage but for more casual days one layer was enough). Another reason I really liked this foundation was because it was powder, it didn't make me look fake yet I wasn't oily either. 


If you have oily skin and would like a natural light foundation that you could control the coverage then I would definitely recommend this foundation. Also if you don't have oily skin there is also the original version which I believe is for all skin types. I got mine at the boots on high street kensigton in London, they have a great counter and the beautician behind the counter was very helpful and found the perfect shade for me, she later applied it onto my face and I absolutely loved it. I definitely recommend doing this because you get to test it and if you don't end up liking it you just saved yourself from buying it. The application is also very simple you just put some on the lid swirl your brush and give it a tap and then apply it on your face in circular motions, and if you want more coverage just add another layer of powder or as many until your happy. The size is great because it  isn't heavy to carry around for touch ups and when travelling.
                                                                              M <3

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